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It's a 'Set and Forget Profit Machine' on
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Easy Setup Allows You To Monetize it in Minutes!

Easily Install & Setup Your Discount Finding Banner Popup. No coding required, or tedious tutorial necessary that takes time.

Set Triggers to Best Traffic Sucking Setting. Allows you to show popups on exit, completing website view or through timer.

Drive Traffic to Your Site and Start Profiting. Once you have driven the traffic they will come back again and again for discounts while you earn profits.

Use Artificial Intelligence Feature to Maximize Results. AI is the future of internet marketing and you get it free on this system.

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Here’s what Our Fellow Marketers
Have to Say About DiscountPop

DiscountPop works. Period. If you are not using the power of the discount on your sites then you are missing out big time! I think one of my favorite things is once I have

DiscountPop set up then there is nothing else to do but provide traffic. The plugin is just set and forget. Awesome.

Dillon Hendrix
Dillon Hendrix

I have been playing with DiscountPop for a few days now and the ease of use amazes me most software's have a bunch of tricky settings and this one is super straight forward. Everything is laid out in the dashboard and I just clicked and copied my pasted my way to my first discount banner. Starting to love this software.

Shane Brooks
Shane Brooks

I like how fast and easy it is to make discount banners with DiscountPop. Really a plus being able to change things to get the best conversions and the right feel to match my site.

Plus the Theme that is included and the other bonuses were just icing on the cake. Win win in my book!

Ali G
Ali G

Discount pop is an amazing software.. we all knew that power of discount works but making it work like this is an awesome.

You can literally convert the leaving website visitor in to your customer that's incredible.

Venkata Ramana
Venkata Ramana

Start Earning Profit in 3 Simple Steps

An absolute easy to use Amazon software harnesses the power of discounts and boosts your conversions in 3 simple steps.

This software taps in to discount finder technology and makes more sales in 3 simple steps. It an uncomplicated software that allows you to start earning right away without the hassle of long set-up method and confusing process.

We've made this software relatively easy to use. Whether you are a professional marketer or a newbie you will find this amazing software greatly beneficial.

Easily Install Plugin & Put In Your Affiliate Link

Set Your Banner Triggers & Animation Effects

Add Your Products and Start Earning Profit

That's it... It's Really That Easy!

Get Yourself Ready To...

DiscountPop is your answer on having good sales, more leads and successful affiliate marketing business. We made sure to answer all affiliate and online marketing woes on this simple and easy to use product. DiscountPop aims to provide users with a product that they can use right away and provide them with good results, better customer interaction and higher website traffic.

DiscountPop Gives You a Powerful Plugin Inside WordPress and Professional Amazon Theme For a Limited Time Only

This is How DiscountPop Works On Your Site 24/7 on AutoPilot to Get You More Sales

DiscountPop doesn't stop earning money for you, whether you are monitoring it or not it does its work and delivers you profit. It's a complete set-and-forget system that you rakes hundreds and even thousands of profit and traffic through a well-designed system and process.

This software never stops giving you results whether you are sleeping on vacation or minding you own other income generating platform. It utilizes a proven and highly tested method to give you the results you want.

Browse Any Items from Amazon

DiscountPop allows your visitors to browse for items and products from Amazon without leaving your website.

Expand Your Leads and Audience

Easily collect leads and emails from customers through the built-in newsletter subscription option on the home page.

Utilize Banner Ad Placement for Extra Profit

Maximize your traffic earning potential by utilizing the ad sections strategically placed within DiscountPop theme.

Activate Popups with Triggers

Utilize DiscountPop built-in popup that will allow your website visitors to search for items they have not found on your site.

Exploit Discount Psychology for More Sales

The software taps on discount offers of products to attract more customers to buy thus increasing your profit in return.

Everything is 100% Automated

Watch Live Demo of How DiscountPop
Works for Your Advantage

What Makes Discountpop an Amazing
Discount Plugin?

In our effort to always bring you the best products to enhance your online marketing experience, we always make sure that each system or plugin we product passes rigorous testing, full-functional and packed with the best features you are gonna love and use.

True to our commitment on giving you the most innovative online marketing system we have packed DiscountPop with features to give you guaranteed success.

  • Easy to Use Interface

    No technical knowledge required, just open Discountpop; search for the item you like and filter accordingly; then get results in an instant. We designed this plugin so that anyone can use it, from newbie to advanced marketers and consultants. No hassle and no coding required, just a sleek and easy to use interface ready to provide discounted products fast.

  • Compatible with All Amazon Affiliate Themes

    Discountpop works best with any Amazon theme, allowing you to display highly discounted products on a neat and professional way. However, we recognize that some users may like to use it on their own website so we also made it compatible on all Amazon affiliate websites. All users would get an easy to use plugin that can be installed in an instant.

  • Professional and Modern Design

    With Discountpop’s professional and sleek design it could easily blend in on any Amazon affiliate websites. We made sure that each section is fully functional and at the same time provides user with great experience when using the plugin. Its modern and minimalist layout allows the plugin to respond and function fast and efficiently on any website it is installed.

  • Discountpop will be Ready within Minutes

    Setup takes only several minutes to complete and you’re on your way to earning more from your Amazon affiliate website. Just follow our quick and easy guide while installing and DiscountPop will be ready within minutes. You don’t even have to be a developer or highly technical person, all you need is a few investments for the product, patience and you’re on your way to getting your investment back and more.

  • Different Types of Triggers Help in Boosting Conversions

    Choose from several available triggers for your DiscountPop popup to get better conversions. We have included several triggers such as exit attempt, page close and timer that you could set for each popup that your customers and website visitors will surely appreciate once they check your website.

  • Ready-made Theme Including Inbuilt Viral Traffic Module

    Don’t have an ecommerce website yet where you can use DiscountPop? We got you covered, with your purchase you will also be given a powerful and sleek WordPress website that you can use to display products from Amazon and where you can integrate DiscountPop plugin to make money.

  • Detailed Tracking of What’s Working for You and what Not

    DiscountPop plugin has a well-designed and fully equipped plugin interface that enables you to track the progress of your sales and website. Included within the system is an A/B split testing feature that allows you to assess if your products and website are working to your advantage and helps you identify weak points that you can improve.

  • Various Attractive Popup and Website Animations

    To improve engagements and customer interaction we have included some subtle yet attractive animations throughout the theme and popup that your website visitors can experience. A good website doesn’t have to be dry and inanimate, with these feature your customers will enjoy browsing through your site and selecting products they need.

Just to Sweeten the Deal,
We Have Added Fast Action Bonuses for
Your DiscountPop Purchase

Get these amazing and high quality bonuses right after you purchase DiscountPop Software. Downloads for your product purchase will be sent to you directly as well as access to these limited freebies that you can utilize together with DiscountPop to give you better income return and marketing experience.

Bonus #1
DiscountPop WooCommerce Theme

Your DiscountPop purchase comes with a  powerful WooCommerce theme, this means you won't even have to worry about designing your own marketing website where you can use this ground-break software.

This is a complete theme solution, unlike most free themes out there with DiscountPop you get a full website complete with a sleek home page, shop section, blog page and contact page.

It was designed professionally to allow you to maximize traffic and conversions easily.

Sleek Home Page

Complete professionally designed home page that allows you to maximize your conversion and profit with strategically placed sections and elements.

Product Shop Page

Shop Page allows you to showcase all the products you have added from Amazon through DiscountPop software, it's a one-stop-shop page for your customers.

Blog Page Section

This allows you to post relevant contents, news, updates and promotions for your clients. You can also post products and other items from Amazon as blog.

Contact Page Section

Build a strong relationship with your customers by utilizing the contact section to allow them to send you feedback and product requests which will also improve your site's reputation.

Bonus #2
WP Leadgate (White Label)

LeadGate is an All In One Lead Generation & Collection software that generates UNLIMITED LEADS without Destroying your wallet. It’s not just that, users can take control of their conversions with our HIGHLY optimized templates made to drag their viewers into giving up their email address.

WP LeadGate carries all possible functionalities that you will ever need to generate unlimited leads including:

Collects Unlimited Leads From Your Website/Blog:

Download and upload this plugin into your site to start building a MASSIVE list of subscribers and buyers, that is going to be your most profitable asset.

Integrated with Popular Autoresponders and Email Marketing Platforms:

Works perfectly with all major email marketing platforms like AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and so on.

Conversion Optimized Templates:

Just select and plug-in one of our templates from the high converting templates and see your conversions skyrocket on auto-pilot.

Google/Universal Analytics Event Tracker Supported:

Track how many people have visited the page with optin form , the number of people who actually view the form and the number of people who opted in.

Here’s a Recap of What You will be
Getting on this Awesome Deal

You are getting a well-equipped and super powerful system with every purchase of DiscountPop. Your 2018 will surely be a year of making it big on the online marketing scene with this ultimate discount finder solution.

Website traffic and profit will be the least of your problem and with very few to no maintenance necessary, DiscountPop will prove to be one your best set-and-forget online money making machine.

Here are the features again that you will surely love with this system:

  • Powerful Amazon Affiliate Marketing Discount Generator
  • Easy to Use Interface Plugin
  • Legit and Clean Online Income Source
  • Seamless Integration with Any Amazon Affiliate Sites
  • Absolutely Newbie Friendly Software
  • Sleek Discount Finder Designs to Match Any Website
DiscountPop Main

Get DiscountPop Today and Make Your 2018 an
Income Filled Year!

Get Instant Access to DiscountPop Now

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence with our 30 day money back guarantee. You have enough time to test the system and experience the positive results you will be getting. If you are satisfied with how EngageVids works you can keep the system and use it as long as you want.

However, if you think the system doesn't work for you then you can just send as an email should you need assistance or if you wish to get a refund for your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need this software?

These are legit income from actual products coming from Amazon! You don’t even have to constantly update it and the site earns for itself! You can easily achieve this too, give this software a try and you won’t only be getting traffic but also recurring income.

Is this a WordPress plugin?

Yes, it's a WordPress plugin, very easy to use and newbie friendly. It's easy to setup and compatible with Amazon affiliate WordPress themes.

Do you offer after sales support?

Yes, of course. Not that you’ll need it, but if you do, we’re here for you. You can reach out to us. You’ll also get free lifetime updates too!


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