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Hi, Fellow Marketers!

First of all, thank you for trusting DiscountPop to uplift your online marketing business. We are certain that our software will give you success and would bring about great benefits you can enjoy for a long time.

Your DiscountPop purchase is packed with features that gives you online marketing advantage. This powerful software allows you to fetch relevant discounted products from Amazon and populate your website with exclusively discounted items converting your visitors to customers. These are great features to DiscountPop but keep reading to see our special offer on this page plus an exclusive Developers Rights.

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Fully-Loaded Discount Finder Solution for 10x Successful Online Marketing Experience

DiscountPop Pro gives you a powerful software packed with a amazing features that every online marketers will appreciate.

We know that you are excited to get your hands on the DiscountPop FE software and start earning profit. But, we got some exclusive upgrade offer that you should't want to miss!

Packed on this DiscountPop Pro offering is an all new powerful plugin and Ecommerce theme with extra features to give you even more conversion, traffic and profit. Each additional feature on this upgraded version was designed and chosen carefully to bring in better results on your online marketing experience.

Enjoy brand-new some features like:

  • Complete FE feature offering plus extra and powerful additions
  • More banner types to choose from with more triggers for popups
  • Plugin compatibility to several WooCommerce compatible theme
  • Dynamic targeting of website audience based on referral method
  • Powerful A/B Testing feature for real-time result assessment
  • Exclusive Developer Rights for more DiscountPop setup options

More Product Sources is Equal to
Higher Profit Return

With DiscountPop FE offer you get to add products and items on your website from Amazon. But on this upgrade you can add more than that. We have included 3 eCom websites that you can source products from. This upgrade would you to fetch products not only from Amazon but also from AliExpress, Shop.com and Walmart.

A total of 4 product sources gives you advantage to sell more items and your website visitors need not to leave your domain and look for products some place else. Simply put all the necessary information and keys on DiscountPop Pro settings section just once and you are ready to add new items from all 4 eCom sites.

Not only that, DiscountPop Pro banners and popups would allow your customers to search highly discounted items on 4 eCommerce websites. Just enter the keyword and the software will automatically return results with the best discount offer.

What's Makes DiscountPop Pro 10X Better?

A LOT! This is a full-upgrade from the DiscountPop Basic we have offered you. Each feature added here were carefully coded into the software to make sure to give you a no-hassle and easy usage and navigation and of course good profit returns.

We have improved some existing feature from our basic DiscountPop offering and added some new ones which is surely beneficial to you and your online marketing quest.

It's still a simple software with very powerful additions. Checkout what we have added on this software!

Create Discount Banners on 4 Ecommerce Stores

Get additional options to add high converting products to your niche from extra ecommerce affiliate sites. With this upgrade you would be able to search and add items on AliExpress, Shop.com, and Walmart in addition to the basic feature source Amazon. The more products displayed on your website the bigger income you get.

5 Banner Types and 7
Triggers to Choose From

DiscountPop Pro gives you additional banners and popup triggers that you can use to fully personalize your website. Match the behavior of your banner with your ecommerce website to bring in more conversions and profit and even improve customer interaction.

  • Pop, Left Banner, Right Banner, Top Banner and Bottom Banner Types
  • On Load and Exit Intent + On Exit, Bottom Reach Bar, On idle mode, After Particular Page Height, After Predefined Interval Banner Triggers

Compatibility to Major
WooCommerce Themes

Using your very own WooCommerce theme to market products online? We got you covered, DiscountPop Pro should work without any issue on major themes that features Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart and Shop.com items, just install it like how you install a normal plugin and every is good to go.

Up to 37 Popup Transition Effects to Choose From

A good website is something that interacts well with visitors. With this upgrade we have added some new transition effects that should match your website's look and feel. Choose from the added transition effects on the plugin that matches your style.

  • Bounce, Flash, Pulse, Rubber Band, Shake, Swing, Tada, Wobble, Pop, Bounce from Top, Bounce from Left, Bounce from Right, Bounce from Bottom, Fade In, Fade in from Top, Fast Fade in from Top, Fade in from Left, Fast Fade in from Left, Fade in from Right, Fast Fade in from Right, Fade in from Bottom, Fast Fade in from Bottom, Flip, Flip Vertically, Flip Horizontally, Light Speed In, Rotate In, Rotate from Bottom Left, Rotate from Bottom Right, Rotate from Top Left, Rotate from Top Right, Roll In, Zoom In, Zoom In from Top, Zoom in from Left, Zoom in from Right, Zoom in from Bottom

Dynamic Visitor Targeting
According to Referral

Give personalize feedback and message to returning customers to make sure they are feel valued. DiscountPop helps you identify returning customers and you have the option to give personalized response on the popup for every visit they make.

A/B Split Testing
Feature for Each Popup

This feature allows you to test each popup you make before using them on your website. This would enable you to identify if it would convert well and the things needed to be improved in order to get better results on your website.

Enjoy Unlimited Usage with Developer Rights

No limitations just pure profit generating website. The developer rights would allow you use and create unlimited popups and put them on various WooCommerce websites. Use it for your own websites or for your customers site. The more DiscountPop setup you make the more profit you take.

Create as many eCom sites as you like or install DiscountPop on any of your WooCommerce website multiple times and watch your profit grows and following increase. With this upgrade, we are going all in by giving you the best extra and handy features plus this exclusive developer rights.

All These Amazing Features Packed in
One Powerful Software

Upgrade your DiscountPop purchase to Pro version today and enjoy powerful additional features and under the hood enhancements that you will surely benefit from. This upgrade gives you all these amazing features you would certainly get benefit from.

Here's a recap of what you will be getting when you purchase this upgrade:

  • Complete FE feature offering plus extra and powerful additions
  • A Total of 5 Banner Types options available
  • 6 DiscountPop Banner Triggers to choose from
  • Up to 37 Animation Effect you can apply to your DiscountPop banners
  • Plugin compatibility to several WooCommerce compatible theme
  • Dynamic targeting of website audience based on referral method
  • Powerful A/B Testing feature for real-time result assessment
  • Exclusive Developer Rights for more DiscountPop setup options
DiscountPop Pro

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Free on this Limited Time Deal

On this limited time and 100% sweet deal, we are not just giving you DiscountPop complete with all its powerful features. But we are also adding this equally powerful software you can use for your online marketing venture at an absolutely free deal. Check out some of the features this exclusive bonus that you will surely love:

Bonus #1
WP Social Mage Software

WP Social Mage is a specific new piece of software that posts ‘Memes’ or compelling images to Facebook, which in turn allows you to drive FREE traffic from your Facebook pages. Imagine the Power of being able to instantly source compelling images and memes that get heaps of viral shares. Well thats exactly what WP Social Mage does and whats more its all on autopilot…

This simple to install plugin is up and running with 3 simple steps, creating Memes and clickable ads effortlessly in no time at all. WP Social Mage will Post to multiple pages, groups and to your wall like clockwork. Its totally 100% FB T&C’s compliment so you never need to worry about getting FB slapped either. Use it to your hearts content to drive instant traffic to your squeeze pages and affiliate offers.

With WP Social Mage you can find loads of awesome free stock photos, customize and add text to them and create fantastic memes post them to your Groups and Pages, but also Post Clickable images. Yeah that’s right images that take people directly to the sites you want to promote!

With this software you can:

  • Forget about trying to discover interesting content that “might” engage…
  • Stop wasting hours or even days posting on social networks
  • Quit paying for expensive stock photos for your social media posts
  • Forget about paying a monthly subscription for Photoshop
  • Negate the need for an outsourcer

With WP Social Mage, they’ve created a extremely simple system that works to boost your engagement and sales every single time. You’ll be able to easily find and customize images of your choice with WP Social Mage. The three step editor is point-and-click simple for even the newest of newbies to use. Just enter a keyword in the search box and you’ll be given a massive selection of images to choose from.

Pick, customize and post your monetized images – it really is 3 step simple!

Get the Upgraded DiscountPop System and Unleash the Full Potential of this Amazing Software!

Upgrade to DiscountPop Pro

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