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Vitraffic - DFY

Dear Fellow Internet Marketers,

Now you know the power of viral sites! You are already equipped with everything that you need to kickstart your viral site biz but imagine this... you have 10 Viral Sites and each site makes you $100 a month from Adsense and selling affiliate products. Doesn’t sound like a big amount right?

But what if you have 10 such sites all on autopilot and you don’t have to worry about designing etc. You just have to install sites… set up your affiliate details and you are ready to go!

This limited time offer will help your Vitraffic setup fast and easy and saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Imagine outsourcing high converting website, you will be paying around $700-$800 per site. But with this 10 DFY viralsites you are getting them at a heavily discounted price today!

Each Vitraffic Niches on this Upgrade Contains the Following Pages

Home Page

This is where your selected contents go and what your website visitor sees when they visit your site. Your featured contents, and latest posts all appear neatly on each section found on the home page.

Trending Page Section

Trending pages contains classification of posts tagged as trending. Posts that are more popularly shared and seen online fall under this category. You can manage trending posts right at you’re your Vitraffic dashboard.

Blog Page

The blog page contains all posts you have searched and added through the Vitraffic software. Every GIFs, images, videos and blog posts can all be browsed on this section.

Vitraffic - DFY

Hot Page Section

You can classify your Vitraffic posts accordingly on the dashboard. We have included a “hot” classification you can use to give emphasis to posts that you think will bring in more engagements and customer interactions to your site.

Shop Page

This section contains all Amazon and eBay products that are suggested on every post you have on your website. Customers can browse all related products more easily through this section.

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Entertainment Niche

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Cat Niche

Travel Niche

Beauty Niche

Health Niche

Sports Niche

Relationship Niche

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Take advantage of our 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee! You can try the software today and check the result for yourself.

If for any reason you believe that we have not packed the Vitraffic with value that equals or exceeds your expectations and the amount you vested, simply let us know within 30-days of your purchase and we will take appropriate actions to make your experience and purchase worth it.

Vitraffic - DFY