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Hi, Fellow Marketers!

First of all, thank you for trusting Vitraffic to uplift your online marketing business. We are certain that our software will give you success and would bring about great benefits you can enjoy for a long time.

Your Vitraffic purchase is packed with features that gives you guaranteed success such as Content Curation from multiple blog sites like Buzzfeed, Viralnova, Distractify and many more, Post Curated Contents to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Fetch Relevant Products from Amazon and Unlimited Personal License. These are great features to Vitraffic but keep reading to see our Pro Features that comes with Developers Rights.

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Here is what Makes Vitraffic Pro 10X Better

Video Curation to Site

Engagement power of videos is 10X more than text or images. That's the reason even Facebook is focusing on videos instead of images. You can cash in the power of videos with the Vitraffic Pro. Vitraffic Pro not only curates images and posts but also curates highly engaging videos from all over the web.

Having more engaging videos on your site means more visitors engagement and more engagement means more profit.

Pro Content Spinner

What is the easiest way to rank fast on search engine? Most effective time tested and proven strategy is creating unique content on regular basis but it's a tedious task, isn't it? But what if you can automate it? now you can with our Pro content spinner.

Vitraffic Pro curates highly engaging content, SPINS it, makes it unique and post it on your Viral site and everything is automated 🙂 You don't have to lift a finger.

Lead Collection Popup

Convert your viral site into a lead generation machine using our action based pop up solution. Build and Integrate your own High converting Facebook compatible Ebay/Amazon store in minutes.

Your own custom store in which you can sell products that you want from Amazon and Ebay and it hardly takes 3 minutes to build and integrate your own store in Vitraffic Pro.

But that's not the best thing about it. This store is Facebook compatible so you can integrate it with Facebook as well.

Amazon + Ebay Affiliate Store

Double your profit by Automatically integrating Ebay and Amazon Products. In basic version of Vitraffic we have automatic Amazon products integration at the end of every article, here in Pro version you will get chance to make you commission double as it also integrates Ebay products along with Amazon.

Wider selection of products to choose from for your niche and with a Vitraffic Pro site you get a better chance of getting commissions from your Amazon or Ebay affiliate store.

Create Highly Engaging Facebook Memes with Our Built-In Image Editor

You need to be a Pro Designer or outsource it which get's crazy expensive and time consuming. Vitatraffic takes all the worry and frustration away! With Our in built easy to use image editor makes Meme creation a childs play. Even if you are not a designer you can create viral memes with few clicks and drive traffic to your site by posting it on Facebook all from one dashboard. Choose from 1000’s of high quality commercially usable images to create high engaging social posts.

While creating memes you don't need to worry about images with proper license. You can use 1000's of commercially licensed images from Pixabay and other sites and you don't need to leave our dashboard for that it's all integrated in Vitraffic Pro version.

Curate Blogs from Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging platform, mostly dominated by younger audiences. With curation options from Tumblr you get to access millions of sites catering different niches such as art, music, photography, travel and more.

You’ll get better posts selections that more audience can relate to with Vitraffic’s Tumblr curation function.

Developers License

Vitraffic Pro comes with developer's license that means you can create your viral sites using Vitraffic Pro for yourself or your clients and even flip it on sites like Flippa.

You will not only be earning from your site’s traffic and Amazon and eBay affiliate program you’ll also get the chance to earn extra by marketing your very own copy of our software.

Vitraffic Pro is Full-Packed with
Features You Will Enjoy!

  • All Vitraffic FE Features
  • Lead Collection Popup
  • Content Spinning
  • Amazon + EBay Stores
  • Facebook Compatible Vitraffic Stores
  • Facebook Meme Posting from Dashboard
  • Video Curation to Your Vitraffic Site
  • Tumblr Blog Curation
  • Set & Forget Content Curation Engine
  • Developers License

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Vitraffic - Pro

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Vitraffic - Pro