Asana Review – How I use it for my Projects
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Asana Review – How I use it for my Projects

Asana Review – How I use it for my Projects

Managing teams & projects effectively is key to success for every business. Now a days when you have teams spread across the world it’s pretty tough. Thanks to latest technology that makes this job easier, you have lots of project management tools available now a days. You have to choose the one that suits you.

I have been searching for such a tool for years and tried lots of options. Finally I settled down for Asana. I am using it for around 2 years now and it works perfectly fine for me. This platform is continuously evolving and getting better day by day. Recently they have rolled out some new amazing features. 

Let me run you through the problems I had and why I chose Asana over other tools:

Problem#1 : Running Team of Freelancers from Different Time Zones

I have an in-house team as well as a team of freelancers. They all work on same projects simultaneously. As in to say, my designer and VA are from Philippines, developers are in-house and HTML & WordPress guys from different cities of India. It’s very tough to communicate with all of them and keep them on track.

Problem#2 : Communication Gaps & Tracking of Project Status is very difficult

As my team is from different places and time zones, there used to be a BIG communication gap, leading to project delays. Tracking progress of every project was a bit difficult.

Problem#3 : Loss of productivity

When you communicate with your team on tools like Skype it’s very much disturbing unless you are doing actual voice call meetings. I found this as the biggest productivity killer. Every Freelancer used to get back to each other with small issues and that’s disturbing for the entire team. For eg., if HTML developer has any question about design, he will ping designer who is busy with another project. And this leads him to immediately respond to the HTML developer that means he loses his focus again and again. That was hurting productivity a lot.

Why I chose Asana?

I was looking for a tool that’s easy to use and won’t take my team members lot of time to incorporate in to their daily routine. In short, I was looking for Zero learning curve. Asana did exactly that, check out the video I have created that shows how easy and simple it is to use. It also integrates with other business tools like Dropbox, Slack etc. and many more which helped me to build entire project management system. Icing on the cake was Asana is Free for a team size up to 15 members.

Conclusion: Asana is one of the most effective tool for small businesses. That helped me to improve my productivity a lot and seamlessly became a part of our organization system. You must try it if you are looking for sophisticated and evolving project management tool

PS: It’s android app helped me run my business literally from my smart phone  which is even awesome

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